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Liuzhou Bridges 9 – Shuangchong Bridge


Now that the weather is being nicer I am resuming this series.

Shaungchong Bridge, built between 2002 and 2004,  claims to be Liuzhou’s longest at 4,088 metres, although the river span is about the same as other bridges. The approach roads make up more than half.

It is also probably Liuzhou dullest bridge. Strictly utilitarian, it straddles the river in the north west of the city, heading north – south, and linking northern Liuzhou with the industrial area around the Wuling car factory etc. Shengli Road West (胜利西路) to Xihuan Road (西环路).


Shuangchong Bridge – top left.

The northern end of the bridge is in a bit of a wasteland with second hand car dealers, scrap yards, second hand scrap, scrap cars. second hand dealers etc. The southern end is industrial and home to crap cars.

Approach to the bridge - heading south.

Approach to the bridge – heading south.

As with many of Liuzhou’s bridges, it sees little traffic outside of the rush hours.

Looking south

Looking south

And the other side

And the other side



Next one up is a bit more interesting. Or attractive.

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One Response to “Liuzhou Bridges 9 – Shuangchong Bridge”

  1. David Says:

    That’s one dull bridge however I would guess it does best what bridges do .

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