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San Yue San 三月三

San Yue San 三月三, the third day of the third lunar month, is the most important festival for many of the ethnic minorities in southern China. This year it falls on Tuesday 22nd April.


For the second year running, a public holiday has been announced in Guangxi only. So, Monday 21st and Tuesday 22nd will be work free.

The festival, also known as 上巳节, is celebrated mostly in the countryside with dancing and sports. Bull-fighting, horse-fighting and cock-fighting is also enjoyed by many people.


These activities can best be seen around the various villages of Sanjiang and Rongshui counties in the north of Liuzhou Prefecture. The fighting is best not seen.


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3 Responses to “San Yue San 三月三”

  1. Haiyan Says:

    Hi Ken, how are you?

    Ha,,I think I have been to the place on your second picture, cool~

  2. Sherrie Cramer Says:

    I came to your site, as I often do, to research your Friday Food section for writing ideas; it is a wonderful source of wealth for me. Thank you for keeping this up for so many years.

    Thanks so much for sharing this info re: San Yue San, Ken. I’d love to be there for this festival – especially since it falls on my birthday this year 🙂 – because it is where the story I’m writing begins.

    BTW: I will be in Guangxi, mostly outside of Guilin, October 14 – October 30. I hope to have the first draft of my book done before I arrive. My writing seems dry, so I feel the need to “be there” for more sensory details, and also to verify details in the story. I hope we can meet when I’m there!

  3. Liuzhou Laowai Says:

    I hope so too!

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