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Late in Liuzhou

Part of Liuzhou fame is a bit grizzly. As I have mentioned before, the place is famous for its coffins. The real things are hard to come by now, although miniature versions are relatively popular souvenirs.

More about them here.

Less popular perhaps the actual contact with the dead, although I have seen more stiffs in Liuzhou than ever before in my life. All road accident victims – usually e-bike or motorbike riders. I saw one just two weeks ago.

The media have been running this story about a local embalmer who prepares corpses for viewing prior to cremation. He says he tends to avoid friends and families in his spare time as he doesn’t want to bring them ‘bad luck’.


A couple of people he may have had to work on recently are a young girl who jumped off the Liujiang Bridge and drowned a couple of weeks ago, then her boyfriend who travelled from Guizhou to burn fake money on the bridge in her memory, then decided to jump in too! He also died.


What a waste.

I love the way the local media highlight the thing in the picture we are meant to look at. In case, we are all too thick. Idiots.

I have known two foreigners to die here in Liuzhou. And a few in other places in China. Most were posthumously repatriated, no doubt at great expense. I have given my family strict instructions to do no such thing. When I go, I will be gone. No point carting my body half way round the world. I won’t be in it.

But I have no immediate plans for bowing out yet, although the driver of the bus I took this afternoon may have had different ideas!

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