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Many years ago, I lived in Xi’an, Tang dynasty capital of China, now most famous for being home to the Terracotta Warriors. I loved the city, but it was time to move on.

After a lengthy spell in the beautiful west of Hunan, I ended up in Liuzhou.

One day, early on, I was standing at the roadside way to the north of the city proper, and saw this bus roll past.

xi'an bus

One of those what I call half buses. Privately operated and generally dangerous. This one was clearly stating that one of its intermediate stops was Xi’an (西安). Hundreds of miles and and a thousand memories away. Some mistake surely.

No. It turned out that just to the north of the city there is a village called Xi’an.  I’ve never been.


GlobalTimeslogoGlobal Times is a tabloid offshoot from People’s Daily and is a notoriously ridiculous propaganda nonsense source. Well worth reading.  For a laugh.

Now, they are reporting on a very important and welcome topic. Unfortunately, they screw up their own report.

They are pointing out the lack of educational facilities in rural China, something even a half interested observer couldn’t fail to notice.

At the same time time they display their own lack of education. I’m not going to mention their English errors. I have a life to get on with, but their maths amused me. And as everyone knows, Chinese people are the world’s maths experts. Not.

Er?  Maybe they don't know couple means 'two.'. I see four.

Er? Maybe they don’t know couple means ‘two.’. I see four.

I would have put this down to an innocent typo of the sort I frequently make, but this convinced me that they haven’t a clue.



Please don’t misunderstand. I desperately want the education in rural areas to improve.  But this crap just annoys me.

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