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Liuzhou Luosifen Losers

Now I only went down this route to see how terrible it could be. I wasn’t disappointed. It was revolting.

Luosifen (螺螄粉) as anyone who has spent any time in Liuzhou knows is the local noodle dish of choice. It is well-known throughout China and abroad. It even has its own Facebook page.

Made using a snail and pork bone stock, the rich red, spicy rice noodles with greenery and bamboo or dried tofu are very, very popular.

But there are also these monstrosities.

Instant Luosifen

Instant Luosifen

instant luosifen 2

Yes, the pot contains the usual pot noodle crap.

instant luosifen 1

The usual crap

Dried noodles, unidentifiable sauce, dried veg, and a foil packet of MSG and what I suspect is chicken powder. Not a snail in sight.

After rehydration it looks like this.



It doesn’t look like luosifen or smell like luosifen and certainly doesn’t taste like luosifen. Not that I expected it to. It just has that horrible taste all Chinese pot noodles have.


You can get cheaper good luosifen all over town. A new place just opened a noodle-length away from my home.

The Real Deal

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7 Responses to “Liuzhou Luosifen Losers”

  1. Neil Says:

    I know of at least 2 very good noodle restaurants within about 80 metres from Maccas so why bother with those awful over-salted plastic noodle packages? (unless you are on a long distance train).

  2. Liuzhou Laowai Says:

    Which Maccas? There are hundreds of Luosifen shops/shacks.

  3. Chen Says:

    I’m from Liuzhou and I now live in Seattle. This made me really homesick.

  4. Neil Maxwell Says:


    Only one Maccas in Liuzhou when I was there 2 months ago.

  5. Liuzhou Laowai Says:


    There have been two for a while.

    The one south of Liujiang Bridge (the third) opened three months ago or more.

    To say nothing of the several small ice-cream and drink places McD’s run all over the city.

  6. Ray Ducray Says:

    Ken, do you remember the two of us (& about 1 million others )going to the World Record Luosifen “cook off” just out of town ? They were also barbecuing about 200 sheep. What a day that was, with that reservoir size pot. I still have the cap they gave us.

  7. Liuzhou Laowai Says:

    I do indeed. As recorded here.

    Coincidentally, I was wearing my cap about 15 minutes ago.

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