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Sweeping Up

It has been pleasant to walk the streets of Liuzhou over the last couple of days, especially in the mornings. The sidewalks have been relatively free of cars and e-bikes. And people. The city seems almost deserted. Everyone is on holiday and spending the first few days of the spring festival at home. Most shops […]

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Spring Festival Price Hikes

Some of the locals are up in arms about raised prices during the Spring Festival, which starts tomorrow. A number of shops have displayed notices setting out higher prices during the holiday. People are used to the railway and intercity coach prices being increased for the holiday, but now the rises are are applying to […]

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What Year Is It, Anyway?

I’ve seen a number of articles in the media asking what Chinese year it is this time. “Is it the Year of the Goat? The Sheep? The Ram?” they ask. The problem, they explain, is one of translation. They say that 羊 (Yang) is the Chinese for all three. So 羊年 (Year of the Yang) can […]

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Spring Has Sprung

Spring Festival, starting with Chinese New Year’s Day on Thursday the 19th, is particularly late kicking off this year. In fact, it is as late as it can be – almost – in 1985 it was February 20th, which is the absolute latest. The advantage of this lateness is that, for once, Spring Festival is […]

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Handstand Rabbit and Other News

Some of the more bizarre Liuzhou news items from yesterday: a) Handstand Rabbit This rabbit is in Liuzhou’s rancid excuse for a zoo. It is apparently suffering from some congenital disorder, as it only moves around by walking on its front legs. Of course this is being promoted as an ‘attraction’. Actually, it turns out […]

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Friday Food 141 – Hongzhui Mushrooms

Friday Food is an occasional article about one of the more unusual food items to be found in Liuzhou that week. This week some rare mushrooms. A while back, I received a parcel from an old and dear friend, 李美 (who uses the English name, Vera). It was a large box of dried mushrooms, but […]

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Confucian New Year

Stuck for something to do in Liuzhou on Chinese New Year’s Eve? Next week, the city’s fake Confucius temple will be open from 22:00 on the 18th (New Year’s Ever)  until 0:30 on the 19th (New Year’s Day) with various activities to bring in the Year of the Goat. Admission will be free. Thereafter, from […]

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Liuzhou Luosifen Losers

Now I only went down this route to see how terrible it could be. I wasn’t disappointed. It was revolting. Luosifen (螺螄粉) as anyone who has spent any time in Liuzhou knows is the local noodle dish of choice. It is well-known throughout China and abroad. It even has its own Facebook page. Made using […]

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2015 China Public Holiday Schedule

Infograph via Lost Laowai In addition to the above, Guangxi may again have April 20th and 21st as a public holiday in recognition of San Yue San, a minorities’ festival. This was introduced last year, but it has not yet been confirmed if it will be repeated.

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Hunan Supermarkets

Now, I don’t know why, but I’ve never understood finance, economics or anything related. So I have no real idea what this is about. One of Liuzhou’s larger supermarket chains is Guangxi Nancheng Department Store (南城百货) with several stores in the city. It used to have one under Liuzhou People’s Square but that has long […]

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