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Dream Castle

Dream Castle

This is one of the most bizarre things I’ve ever seen. I read about it last night, but decided to sleep on it and see if it went away. Unfortunately it didn’t.

American company IdeAttack (stupid name) has unveiled plans for the next instalment in Liuzhou’s descent into madness.

If it is to be believed, we are going to have a huge (224ha / 553 acre) theme park on the east side of the city. The article refers to this place called ‘Liudong’ as if it were a city in its own right. In fact, Liudong (柳东) just means East Liuzhou. The project is expected to cost a mere 3,408,238,774元  ($550million USD, £361,010,700, €467,077,514).

They tell us work has begun on phase one of the project, the Five Dreams Kingdom complete with the Dream Castle above. The five dreams are a Fantasy Promenade, Future Zone, Auto-World, Adventure Land and Cloud Garden.

Five Dreams World

Five Dreams Kingdom

The fantasy promenade, I am told, “is the main pedestrian artery of the park, meandering from the main entrance gate to the Castle viewing plaza. The architectural style of the street is inspired by unique textures, colors and motifs of the Liuzhou stones.”

Fantasy Promenade

Fantasy Promenade

The Future Zone is probably the weirdest. It will feature a “Disaster Experience Theater” “The façade of this attraction is themed as the entrance into a fallout shelter in a devastated city surrounded by wrecked buildings, freeways, signage, a taxi, a train, a bridge and an airplane. At night special lighting will create burning effect in the background. The attraction highlights potential end of the world scenarios for Planet Earth, either man made (global warming, nuclear disaster) or natural (giant volcano, meteorite, earthquake, tsunami).



Disaster Experience Theater

The list of “attractions” goes on and on, getting stranger all the way, just as the images get more lurid and ghastly.

Cloud Gardem

Cloud Garden

We are also promised yet another conference centre, hotels, shopping malls, corporate villas, water rides – everything including the kitchen sink.

Themed Hotel and Conference Center

Themed Hotel and Conference Center

Where they are going to find the money to pay for this is not explained. They couldn’t even afford to finish building the insane revolving statue of Liu Zongyuan with a restaurant in his head.

I’ve seen plans like this before which came to nothing.

For the brave, the full details in all their manifestations are here. Read at your own risk.

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7 Responses to “Dreams”

  1. Carl Johnson Says:

    Sheer stupidity! It boggles the mind!
    Hopefully this will never get beyond the planning stages?

  2. Emma Says:

    Horrifyingly tacky

    The disaster one quite unsettling especially considering the 2 recent asian airline disasters (not to mention 9/11)

  3. David Says:

    3000 years of civilisation and you get this ? Looks even more fatuous than the Chinese Pavilion at the Shanghai Expo . Probably just another teaser hopefully .

  4. Neil Says:

    Amazing to think someone thinks this looks worth building! I wonder what a top architect like Norman Foster (designer Beijing Airport etc) would say?

  5. Matt Says:

    In the fourth image, it appears they plan to build this near the horticultural expo area. Wonder if they’ll get everyone stuck to the floor again in the grand opening?

  6. Rich Johnson Says:

    It opened a few months ago would you believe? roughly on schedule! Been there a few days back as they had a discounted offer running for a few days. It is as hideous as you’d care to imagine. Actually if it was honest about this and opened as a ‘Dismayland’ it would have gotten more respect. Half finished, strongly smelling paint abound, and overpriced. No shows to speak of just one small roller coaster, and other unnote-worthy small attractions, – not even a loop-the-loop for goodness sake, and umpteen ‘4D cinemas’ that do nothing other than spray water over you if you’re lucky… a total waste of time/money and not to mention space! Shocking

  7. Liuzhou Laowai Says:

    No surprise there.

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