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Up You Come

10921420673519492The ancient and noble Liuzhou art of falling down holes has once again been resumed. At around 10:40 am on Wednesday.

A 69 year old woman named Wei () fell into an uncovered manhole on a pedestrian footpath.

The local constabulary pulled her out of the one metre deep hole which was apparently intended to allow access to electricity cables rather than accommodate pensioners.

Ms Wei had failed to notice the aperture (probably reading her text messages or WeChat).

I am happy to report that apart from some skin abrasions, a knobbled knee and severe bruising to her dignity, she is relatively OK.

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2 Responses to “Up You Come”

  1. Neil Burman Says:

    She is not likely to experience that situation again.

  2. David Says:

    Hang on, only one metre deep and she needed assistance? I can see she’s not exactly of an athletic build but….. Maybe it was a quiet day on the bridges. Love the expression on her face though.

    Apart from that, nice of you to add her lack of injury, poor lady.

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