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Holiday Drill

New Year’s Day is an official holiday in China. One day. But, as always, the locals find ways to extend it and convince themselves they have three days off, so they are also taking the 2nd off work, but will have to work Sunday to “make up”, a favourite phrase of theirs. (The third “day off” is Saturday when they don’t usually work anyway.

My neighbours are celebrating this event in the normal, traditional manner – by drilling holes in their houses.


The paranoid drunks who run the place are celebrating by shutting down the internet. Most of my “get around the firewall” tools are failing one after the other. And they are even completely cutting off my internet access when I attempt to connect to anything they can’t control or strangle.


You did something we didn’t want you to do. Go away and reconsider your sins and we might let you back in after 5 minutes.

They will get bored. They usually do. Then normal service will be restored. Until next time.

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2 Responses to “Holiday Drill”

  1. David Says:

    When drilling your wall there’s nothing so scary as someone on the other side , drilling back to you……with a bigger drill .
    Just a neighbourly thought .

  2. Neil Burman Says:

    The thought police still dropping by now and then eh ?

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