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A Liuzhou Pledge

This sign has appeared overnight on a wall near my home. Once again, the local thought police are kindly informing us how to be civilised.


It is titled “Liuzhou City Civilisation Pledge”, then lists all the requisites of civilisation. My very rough translation follows. As you can see, they have compressed each point into a four character phrase, making direct translation more difficult. So in places I have just gone for the main idea. I haven’t included the Pinyin as I normally do. I haven’t got all day! If you really want it, let me know.

热爱祖国,热爱劳动,热爱集体,热爱柳州;Love the motherland, love work, love the collective, love Liuzhou;

团结友爱,平等互助,诚实守信,热情礼貌;Unite in friendship, treat people equally and be helpful, believe in honesty, be warmly polite.

尊老爱幼, 尊重妇女,家庭和睦,邻里友善;Respect the old and love the young, respect women, keep family harmony, keep friendly relationships with neighbours.

爱岗敬业, 积极进取,勤劳俭朴,克己秩序;Be industrious and hard-working, actively make progress, be diligent and thrifty, keep yourself in order

崇文厚德,爱护公物, 热爱公益,遵守秩序;Maintain high culture and deep virtue, take good care of public property, love public welfare, abide by order

讲究卫生,美化市容,绿化城市, 礼貌待人;Pay attention to hygiene, beautify the city, green the city, treat people politely

移风易俗,弘扬正气, 婚丧简办,破除迷信;Change society for the better, honour a healthy environment, keep weddings and funerals simple, eradicate superstition

遵纪守法,禁黄赌毒, 依法办事,维护稳定;Obey discipline and abide by the law, ban pornography, gambling and drug abuse and trafficking, handle affairs according to the law, safeguard stability

So now you know!

They missed out stopping your car at red lights and not riding your e-bike up the sidewalk at night with no lights on. Again.

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2 Responses to “A Liuzhou Pledge”

  1. David Says:

    That’s what the much advertised 5000 years of culture and civilisation does for you . To be fair , I often wish there’d be signs like this , or something like this , back home . Maybe we’re (obviously not me) uncivilisable !

  2. Alex Says:

    The pledges are wise and proper though. As these are quite generalised, you can subsumize the nasty edonks and the red light nodistricts under many aspects.
    Btw: Happy New Year and all the best for your endless efforts to keep us informed.

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