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Blowing Hot and Cold

Anyone who is in Liuzhou today no doubt enjoyed the unseasonable warm day. The last few days have been warm but today peaked at an astonishing 23º C / 73º F. I went out this morning for a bit of shopping, as you do, and nearly passed out half way through. I was dressed for […]

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This is one of the most bizarre things I’ve ever seen. I read about it last night, but decided to sleep on it and see if it went away. Unfortunately it didn’t. American company IdeAttack (stupid name) has unveiled plans for the next instalment in Liuzhou’s descent into madness. If it is to be believed, […]

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Jumping Jumper

I don’t know. Is it pathetic attention seeking? Or genuine mental illness? I am not the one to judge. But some seriously disturbed young man decided to contribute to the weekly list of people grinding the city to a halt by pretending to threaten to jump off one of Liuzhou’s many bridges. This one climbed […]

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Up You Come

The ancient and noble Liuzhou art of falling down holes has once again been resumed. At around 10:40 am on Wednesday. A 69 year old woman named Wei (韦) fell into an uncovered manhole on a pedestrian footpath. The local constabulary pulled her out of the one metre deep hole which was apparently intended to […]

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Friday Food 140 – Cockscomb

Friday Food is an occasional article about one of the more unusual food items to be found in Liuzhou that week. This week combing the depths. As I’m sure I have mentioned before, Chinese cuisine dives down alleys many other cuisines don’t. Where “nose-to-tail” has become fashionable among western chefs, thanks largely to Fergus Henderson […]

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Je Suis Charlie

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Holiday Drill

New Year’s Day is an official holiday in China. One day. But, as always, the locals find ways to extend it and convince themselves they have three days off, so they are also taking the 2nd off work, but will have to work Sunday to “make up”, a favourite phrase of theirs. (The third “day […]

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Don’t Do Anything!

This sign recently appeared at the northern gate to Liuhou Park, near the traditional Chinese medicine hospital and opposite Liuzhou musuem. Nice of them to be so welcoming. What amuses me, though, is that the third from the left in the top row clearly reads “No Noise”. I guess the park habitués must have come in […]

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A Liuzhou Pledge

This sign has appeared overnight on a wall near my home. Once again, the local thought police are kindly informing us how to be civilised. It is titled “Liuzhou City Civilisation Pledge”, then lists all the requisites of civilisation. My very rough translation follows. As you can see, they have compressed each point into a […]

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