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You don’t need a weatherman To know which way the wind blows Yesterday, the local rag proclaimed that, although the last two days have been unusually warm, today would be much colder due to strong cold air strikes. They predicted a high of 11ºC. At the moment, it is a windless, lovely 28ºC day. Same as […]

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Liuzhou Triple Murderer Sentenced to Death

Liuzhou Intermediate People’s Court yesterday sentenced a local man to death for three murders. The man, named 何剑, had pleaded guilty to murdering an elderly couple in 2013 and a colleague of his wife earlier this year. In both cases the motive was robbery. He used the stolen money to buy his wife a ring. […]

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250 Idiot

The BBC is reporting that a man in Wales has paid £518,000 ($813,828 USD; 5,002,686元) for a vehicle registration plate reading “25 O” Earlier in the day he had paid £130,320 ($204,708; 1,258,408元) for the number “250 L”. Very appropriately, in Chinese slang 250 (二百五)  means “idiot”. ‘Nuff said.

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Bees Buzzed

Less than a month after I mentioned what appeared to be a case of deliberate poisoning on a Liuzhou fish farm, comes this news. A few days ago, a master bee keeper named only as 韦师傅 in Liuzhou’s Liujiang county went to inspect his 100 hives, only to find the vast majority of his bees […]

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Gatsby in Liuzhou

I mentioned this outfit a while back when they sent me some spam email telling me they were opening Liuzhou’s first French restaurant, which came as a great surprise, because I remember another one fifteen years ago. Today I get another dose of spam informing me of an utterly bizarre upcoming event. It turns out […]

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Smoke and Mirrors

Liuzhou’s amateur Bailian airport has, in the last few days, admitted that it has cancelled or delayed over 20 flights because of the deplorable weather conditions. The fog, they say, makes it impossible to fly. Now I don’t know about you, but I am in Liuzhou and the weather the past week has been mild […]

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Time Difference

This has puzzled me for years. Why is that clocks in China always use the Arabic numerals 1-12 when they have their own numeral system? In fact, they have more than one! You can find clocks with Chinese numerals on-line, but you certainly can’t find them in any clock shops. Believe me. I’ve searched all […]

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Lost Lard

When I first read this, I kind of dismissed it as intrusive tabloid crap. But then I thought “No.” The interweb has been carrying this story in the last few days. We learn that a man once described as “Guangxi’s Fattest Man” has been stripped of his title after losing 135 kg in body weight. […]

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Random Picture No 74 – A Lot of People

This place lies under the northern end of the Liujiang Bridge on the western side. It used to be an excellent Lanzhou hand pulled noodle joint, but in the last couple of years seems to change every two weeks. I have no idea what it sells today. But I love the irony of the English […]

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Acidic Hole?

I am delighted to be able to report that the ancient, noble Liuzhou sport of falling down holes is not dead. It’s been a while, but… It seems that a Mr Zhu, a waste recycler originally from Hunan, decided to certify his Liuzhou credentials by falling into a hole. He was with his brother, looking […]

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