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First French? Non!

I have received some spam email this afternoon regarding a newly opened French restaurant here in Liuzhou.

In the attached PDF file they claim to be Liuzhou’s first French restaurant. Excrément du taureau! As the French don’t say.


There was an excellent French restaurant on 三中路 fifteen years ago. I proposed to one of my wives there. The place closed shortly after. I’m not sure the proposal and the closure are connected. The place was empty every time I visited.

I forget the name of the restaurant but the chef was a very pleasant French man and his Chinese wife ran the front of house. The food was wonderful. Unfortunately, Liuzhou people weren’t that interested and it closed. As 99% of foreign restaurants have over the years.

It seems to be a Liuzhou habit for restaurants to make wildly inaccurate statements like this. The Italian place in the Radisson claimed to be the first foreign restaurant in the city.  It was the 10th at best.  That place has been empty every time I visited, too.

I would tell you the name and where this new place is but

a) I detest spam.

b) Their advertisement will probably hit your email box soon. Going by the list of co-addressees, they seem to be spamming everyone in China.

c) I need to be paid to advertise.

Incidentally, they have misspelled their address, too. Although to be fair, all the available maps of Liuzhou also get it wrong. However, you would have thought they might look at the nearby street sign.


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2 Responses to “First French? Non!”

  1. Tom Says:

    I wonder if the don’t mean “first” in the “No. 1” sense, like the “No. 1 Primary School” that can be found in many Chinese cities, or like “First Lady.”

  2. Liuzhou Laowai Says:

    I’d be very surprised. I’m sure they thought they were the first.

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