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Fish Wars?

At 7 .00 yesterday morning, a Mr Long of Shatang Town just to the north of Liuzhou city headed out to feed the fish on his fish farm, which he has run for twenty years. These are mainly young grass carp, with some bullhead carp etc. Local standbys. To his horror he found that each […]

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Burma – Liuzhou Lost Sister

Liuzhou has an almost forgotten, but important connection with Burma (or Myanmar, as I don’t prefer). In 1942, there was a significant number of Overseas Chinese living in Burma – many in Yangon (Rangoon), then the capital city. 1942 was the year the Japanese army invaded the country, eventually taking total control which lasted until […]

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Danwei Model Workers 2014

This blog is proud, delighted and honoured to be once again included in Danwei’s list of “the best websites, blogs, Twitter feeds and podcasts on China”.  The awards started in 2005 and Liuzhou Laowai has been listed every time. The only site missing is Danwei itself. Beijing based and now owned by the Financial Times […]

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Roof Search

Approximately every couple of months, some website or other posts this old series of pictures. Another turned up yesterday. They claim to be of a rooftop farm on top of a brewery in Liuzhou. According to the various websites (which only repeat what the last one said, the “farm” grows rice, vegetables and lotus above […]

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Beauty Contest

Many years after the western world abandoned the crass, sexist spectacle of the Miss World Beauty Contest, it continues in Asia. China hosted the event in Hainan in 2003, 2004, 2005, 2007, and 2010. Round here, things are done a bit differently. Liuzhou’s Sanjiang county held a beauty contest recently. No sexism or misogyny involved. […]

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Smugglers and Traffickers

Police across Guangxi are said to be stepping up their anti-smuggling activities.  A number of Chinese citizens have recently crossed illegally into Vietnam by land and sea to engage in “smuggling drugs, trafficking wild animals, including pangolins and rhino horns, or precious woods to seek huge profits”, according to a spokesperson for the  Guangxi Frontier […]

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A Million Vehicles

Tucked away in an article praising themselves as usual, is the news that Liuzhou now has over a million vehicles in the urban area alone. Figures given by Liuzhou City Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Detachment, say that, as of September 20th 2014, there are approximately 250,000 cars, 100,000 motorcycles and 690,000 e-bikes registered in […]

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Smoking Dogs

  Residents of a residential block in the south of Liuzhou say they cannot open their windows because of the smell from neighbouring food stalls cooking dog meat wrapped in straw. It was said that even with the windows closed, thick smoke still got into their homes. The stall owners said their dog meat tasted […]

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First French? Non!

I have received some spam email this afternoon regarding a newly opened French restaurant here in Liuzhou. In the attached PDF file they claim to be Liuzhou’s first French restaurant. Excrément du taureau! As the French don’t say. There was an excellent French restaurant on 三中路 fifteen years ago. I proposed to one of my wives […]

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Friday Food 139 – Hunan Pickled Vegetable Sauce

Friday Food is an occasional article about one of the more unusual food items to be found in Liuzhou that week. This week we are getting pickled in Hunan. Anyone who has been following this series will have noticed I have a soft spot for the food of our neighbouring province, Hunan. So, I was […]

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