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Bridge Jumper Busted

At last, Liuzhou police are taking action against attention seeking idiots who disrupt the city by pretending to want to commit suicide by jumping off the only bridges you can jump off and have a good chance of surviving.

Man on Bridge

Man on Bridge

A 30 year old man threatened on Friday to jump off Huxi Bridge in the west of the city, causing the bridge to be closed, which brought massive traffic disruption to the whole city.



After a seven hour plus stand-off (yes 7 hours!) the man was detained and, instead of being delivered to the local mental hospital as is usual, was charged with disturbing the public order and awarded 15 days “administrative detention”.



This means he was detained, charged, tried, convicted, sentenced and imprisoned by the police without troubling the court system or those pesky nuisances called lawyers.

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3 Responses to “Bridge Jumper Busted”

  1. Liuzhou Bridges 7 – Huxi Bridge | Liuzhou Laowai Says:

    […] A few weeks ago (August 29th) a man climbed to the top of the bridges central part and threatened to jump. After seen hours, in which the entire city’s traffic was gridlocked due to the bridge’s closure, he was arrested. More here. […]

  2. Anthony Says:

    I cant believe this guy is 30 years old. I would think he had things to do at that age like take care of his family, get a job, or look after his parents.

  3. Liuzhou Laowai Says:

    That’s a bit callous. You have no idea of his personal circumstances or his state of mind. He may not have a family or parents; he may have a job. Depression and mental illness aren’t something you decide to have or can decide to stop having.

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