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Liuzhou Bridges 5 – Hongguang Bridge


Hongguang Bridge (红光大桥) lies upstream from Liujiang Bridge, halfway to the railway bridge.

hongguang map

Work started on the bridge at the end of September 2002 and it opened to traffic on August 8th, 2004. It is just over 1 kilometre long (1040m).

This is one bridge that really made a noticeable difference; prior to its opening, getting to the railway station from the city centre was a headache. You had to go over Liujiang Bridge, then traverse the full length of either Fei’e Road (飞鹅路), or go through Fei’e Road No. 2, which seemed to be permanently jammed even back in the days when there were a hell of a lot fewer private cars.

The eastern approach to the bridge is via Liantang Road (连塘路) which runs from the south-west corner of the People’s Square and on the western side it drops down to Fei’e Road, nearer the station.

Hongguang Bridge

Hongguang Bridge


Hongguang Bridge looking west.

I tend to walk under this bridge more than I cross it. One of my favourite walks in Liuzhou goes under the eastern end of the bridge, passing through Binjiang Road (滨江路, literally River Bank Road) for a bit. Note the map above incorrectly gives the Pinyin as Bingjiang Road, one of many mistakes on the map – Liujiang Bridge is rendered as Liujianh, for example. Chinese people aren’t very good at Pinyin.

Hongguang Bridge as seen from Binjiang (Riverside) Road

Hongguang Bridge as seen from Binjiang (Riverside) Road

A few more.



For an amusing aside on the name, see this old blog. Well, it amused me.

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