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It’s a Dog’s Life

I’m not a great animal lover. Unless they are on my plate for dinner. But this pisses me off.

This guy has been around for years, although I hadn’t seen him much of late. But he has reappeared. Twice this week I have seen him. Once sitting on the wall outside the traditional medicine hospital and another time on the pedestrian street.

He walks along with this little dog following him, pulling this insanity wagon. The man has yoked the mutt to the carriage with a home-made harness. The wagon plays some bizarre music and is full of nonsense.

It is clearly too heavy for the dog which was limping and panting for breath in the heat. He used to have two dogs; they other has presumably died. No surprise.



Unfortunately, the locals seemed to find it all very cute.

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One Response to “It’s a Dog’s Life”

  1. David Says:

    Like you , unless its on my dinner plate (or gluing joints) I’m certainly not an animal or particularly a dog lover . Respecter , admirer even . But this is just another example of many Chinese attitude to animals that leaves most of us perplexed , and even angered .

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