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Friday Food 134 – Laba Beans

Friday Food is an occasional article about one of the more unusual food items to be found in Liuzhou that week. This week my new addiction.

laba beans jar

What you are looking at is a jar of beans. Soy beans. And the contents of that jar constitute one of the most addictive things I”ve ever put in my mouth.

Hunan Laba beans. 腊八豆. If you can’t find them in Liuzhou, it’s because I’ve bought up all stocks before telling you about them.

laba beans

Laba Beans

Laba is a traditional Chinese festival, the origin of which is lost (although there are many theories). The festival is celebrated on the 8th day () of the 12th lunar month () and it is customary to celebrate by eating 腊八粥, a rice porridge.

That porridge dish bears no resemblance to what I have in my jar, so I have no idea if there is a real connection.

These are just soy beans with Hunan cured pork. Ingredients as listed are soy beans, vegetable oil, Hunan style cured pork, salt, ginger, rice wine, chili pepper, sugar and unidentified spicing.

Pork and beans. What more do you need?.

Hunan Cured Pork - 湖南腊肉

Hunan Cured Pork – 湖南腊肉

The jar suggests they can be added to stir fries, served with noodles (good idea) or fried rice (ditto) etc. But I have a better suggestion. If you are right-handed, take the jar in your left, grab a spoon in your right and shovel the beans and pork straight into the hole in the lower front of your face. If you are left-handed, go home; China doesn’t do left-handedness. See here.

¥12.90 for a 280g jar.

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One Response to “Friday Food 134 – Laba Beans”

  1. Carl Johnson Says:

    I am left handed , Thank You very much! And just for that I will buy up all available stocks of them! My friends in China say that I must be very clever to use the Wrong ( Left over ) hand!

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