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Liuzhou Bridges 2 – Wenhui Bridge


Wenhui Bridge (文惠桥) is Liuzhou’s most iconic bridge. Its red arches and the view of Panlong Hill (蟠龙山) with its two pagodas in the background just say “Liuzhou”, especially in the evenings when the lights on the bridge and on the pagodas are lit.


Wenhui Bridge and Jiahe Hill- July 2013

But it’s actually two bridges. The original bridge opened to traffic in 1994 and is 587 m long in total. The river span is 483 m. It runs between Dong Men, the old East Gate (东门) on the northern side and the junction of Jiahe Road (驾鹤路) and Rongjun Road (荣军路) on the southern side at Jiahe Hill (驾鹤山).

The original 1994 bridge is the western half. Soon after it was built, it became apparent that its capacity was insufficient for the growing needs of Liuzhou’s traffic, and for a while the bridge was one way (south to north) only.

Obviously, the bridge couldn’t be widened. So, after years of discussion, it was finally decided to build an identical bridge right next to the first.

Original Bridge as seen from Dong Men

Shops, restaurants (including my then favourite pizza place) and homes were demolished to make space It was said that the “sister” bridge would open in 2010, but after various delays, it finally opened in August 2013. The budgeted cost was 183 million yuan but, although no final information was ever released, the various delays must have pushed that up.

and then there were two

Now the old bridge carries traffic from north to south, while the new part goes in the opposite direction.

Wenhui Bridge looking north

Wenhui Bridge looking north

Wenhui Bridge looking south

Wenhui Bridge looking south


Wenhui Bridge – Night


Wenhui Bridge Reflection

Between Wenhui Bridge and Liujiang Bridge, on the south bank, is Jiangbin Park (江滨公园), a pleasant place for a stroll. There is also a river walk pathway on the north bank.

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5 Responses to “Liuzhou Bridges 2 – Wenhui Bridge”

  1. David Says:

    Happy memories of these areas and I can still hear the endless pile driving that went on which became quite an evocative Chinese sound for me ! Does that stupid waterfall still run for the tourist boats ? I was completely taken in ,doh !

  2. Liuzhou Laowai Says:

    Yes, the waterfall is still falling.

  3. Owain Lloyd-Williams Says:

    I remember that pizza place. Shame it had to go.

  4. Carl Johnson Says:

    Stupid waterfall? Yeah I guess. But walking cross the bridge with a cute little lady and her sister, stopping to pose for pictures late at night in the lights from the bridge and from the waterfall…Pretty damned romantic, let me tell you! At least for a dumb old country boy like me!

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