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Liuzhou Bridges 1 – Liujiang Bridge


For Jo.

Liuzhou is proud of its bridges over the river. They are particularly proud that there are so many. This apparently glorifies the city in some way. Some of them are interesting, so I will be doing an occasional series of posts about some of the more interesting.

Liujiang Bridge

Liujiang Bridge

Liujiang Bridge (柳江大桥), popularly known as “No. 1 bridge” (although this is a misnomer, as we shall see) was built at the height of the cultural revolution. Work began in March 1966 and the bridge opened to traffic on Boxing Day 1968.

608 metres long, the bridge straddles the river Liu (NOT Liujiang river please! Jiang means river) in the city centre, between Longcheng Road in the north and Yufeng district in the south. It is just left of centre in the first picture.


Liujiang Bridge – Looking North

Liujiang Bridge - Looking South

Liujiang Bridge – Looking South

The bridge conveniently provides a visual measure of the water level in the river at this crucial point which is prone to severe flooding. I have seen the entire road surface of the bridge under water.


Liujiang Bridge was the first road bridge in the city, but the first real bridge was the railway bridge further to the west. It opened in 1950.

Liuzhou Daily

Liuzhou Daily

The beginnings of the bridge can be seen on the top left of this picture from 1948. Click on the picture to enlarge.

Liuzhou 1948

Liuzhou 1948

You may be thinking you can spot another bridge just to the right of centre in the photograph. This is actually the first bridge, but isn’t a real bridge at all. It’s a load of boats tied together.

Boat Bridge - Liuzhou

Boat Bridge – Liuzhou

and a closer look

Boat Bridge - Liuzhou

Boat Bridge – Liuzhou

This boat bridge was originally built in 1944 to help Liuzhou citizens flee to the south to escape the Japanese army which had taken Guilin and was marching towards Liuzhou. For more pictures from the evacuation and occupation of Liuzhou, see here.

After the boat bridge was dismantled, a ferry service existed at the same crossing point. It remained in operation until around 2001. I used it a couple of times. It was quicker and more reliable than their new river bus!

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8 Responses to “Liuzhou Bridges 1 – Liujiang Bridge”

  1. David Says:

    Thoughly interesting blog Ken , thanks . What are the buildings NW of the bridge and is the ‘Grand Hotel’ (never could remember its Chinese name) still operating ? Look forward to further bridges .

  2. Liuzhou Laowai Says:

    Thanks David. The buildings to the NW are these apartment blocks with shops on the first floor. They have been there for years.

    Yes, Liuzhou Grand Hotel is still there and operating as before. The Chinese name is 柳州宾馆 (liǔ zhōu bīn guǎn).

  3. Carl Johnson Says:

    Thanks for great blog! Can’t wait for next bridge.

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  5. David Says:

    oh dear , stupid boy ….I mean the OTHER NW , ie , the NE end of the bridge . Embarrassing as in 3 hours I skipper a yacht through some of the biggest tides in the world !

  6. Liuzhou Laowai Says:

    haha! I suspected that might be the case.

    The buildings on the NE side of the bridge are both still under construction. The gold one is, I’m told, something being built by LZ government. It is connected with their open air theatre. The stage floats on the river, but the audience seating is on dry land. They have been building it for years and it’s nowhere near finished.

    The taller building behind it is Fengqinggang Shopping Mall, apartment and office complex (built because we are so short of shopping malls and there aren’t enough unsellable apartments). It seems nearer to completion, though. It has however, totally blocked the Grand Hotel’s view towards the river from the revolting revolving restaurant.

    They are both just symptoms of China’s insane, but unsustainable building boom. The crash is inevitable.

    Good luck with the yachting. Just try to remember which way is left and which right. 🙂

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