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Wet News

It has been an odd week in Liuzhou news. Here are a few of the highlights. In fact, only two are wet.

1. An 80+ year old man wet his pants while waiting for service in a Liuzhou bank. Yes, this made the local newspapers and prompted the editor into sending an unpaid slave intern to see if any banks had lavatorial facilities for customers. None had. Customers cannot use staff facilities for security reasons. Do banks anywhere usually have public toilets?

2. A middle aged woman decided on Friday to end it all and following usual Liuzhou practice jumped off Liujiang bridge into the river. Unfortunately for the woman, said to be in her 40s, a passing river bus rescued her against her will and she was finally dragged off to hospital, somewhat wet.



3. A Liuzhou woman has gone to court to claim compensation for her lack of a sex life. Her husband is unable to perform after being hit by a van while riding his e-bike and badly injured. Liuzhou Yufeng District People’s Court accepted the the case, reportedly the first time such a case has been allowed. Her husband’s claim for disability compensation was successful and the court awarded him 480,000元, to be paid by the van driver, his employers and their insurance company. His wife was awarded 70,000 for her loss of marital pleasures.

4. There have been complaints that many of the city’s green rental bikes are being vandalised. 17 were vandalised in just two days. Mainly, a case of  tires being deliberately slashed.

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One Response to “Wet News”

  1. Neil Maxwell Says:

    Re: Banks.
    They do not have toilets because they really only care about money. Pity cause the bank workers are NOT the only ones with a bladder!

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