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Liuzhou Bridges 5 – Hongguang Bridge

Hongguang Bridge (红光大桥) lies upstream from Liujiang Bridge, halfway to the railway bridge. Work started on the bridge at the end of September 2002 and it opened to traffic on August 8th, 2004. It is just over 1 kilometre long (1040m). This is one bridge that really made a noticeable difference; prior to its opening, […]

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It’s a Dog’s Life

I’m not a great animal lover. Unless they are on my plate for dinner. But this pisses me off. This guy has been around for years, although I hadn’t seen him much of late. But he has reappeared. Twice this week I have seen him. Once sitting on the wall outside the traditional medicine hospital […]

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Beware of Beards 2

Last month, I posted about some posters which appeared in Liuzhou showing, in cartoon form, dangerous men with beards. Here are more in the series.

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Liuzhou Bridges 4 – Guangya Bridge

Virtually opposite Wenchang Bridge, across the “peninsula” lies one of Liuzhou’s newest bridges, Guangya Bridge (广雅大桥). The bridge runs from Guangya Road (广雅路) on the eastern side to the western side at Hexi Road (河西路) on which lies the important Wuling car factory. The combination of Wenchang and Guangya bridges gives easy access from the […]

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Five Star Pomposity

It is fairly common to see staff of the more genuine hair dressing salons and of restaurants lining up on the street outside their work premises for a pep talk before opening for the day. You even see them doing silly so-called exercises. But for a totally over-the top experience you have got to get […]

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Liuzhou Bridges 3 – Wenchang Bridge

Ten years ago, Liuzhou’s then top hotel, the government owned Liuzhou Hotel (柳州饭店) lay at the end of a cul-de-sac. This made it a very quiet, peaceful sort of place where the country’s leaders could have a good time when they were required to visit Liuzhou. Pretty much all the top guys have stayed there […]

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Friday Food 134 – Laba Beans

Friday Food is an occasional article about one of the more unusual food items to be found in Liuzhou that week. This week my new addiction. What you are looking at is a jar of beans. Soy beans. And the contents of that jar constitute one of the most addictive things I”ve ever put in […]

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Liuzhou Bridges 2 – Wenhui Bridge

Wenhui Bridge (文惠桥) is Liuzhou’s most iconic bridge. Its red arches and the view of Panlong Hill (蟠龙山) with its two pagodas in the background just say “Liuzhou”, especially in the evenings when the lights on the bridge and on the pagodas are lit. But it’s actually two bridges. The original bridge opened to traffic […]

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Liuzhou Bridges 1 – Liujiang Bridge

For Jo. Liuzhou is proud of its bridges over the river. They are particularly proud that there are so many. This apparently glorifies the city in some way. Some of them are interesting, so I will be doing an occasional series of posts about some of the more interesting. Liujiang Bridge (柳江大桥), popularly known as […]

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Wet News

It has been an odd week in Liuzhou news. Here are a few of the highlights. In fact, only two are wet. 1. An 80+ year old man wet his pants while waiting for service in a Liuzhou bank. Yes, this made the local newspapers and prompted the editor into sending an unpaid slave intern […]

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