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City Centre Stabbings

In yet another example of the lack of real care for the mentally disturbed, there was a somewhat nasty incident in Liuzhou, yesterday morning. At around 7:20 am, 71 year old Mr Chen was taking his grandchild to kindergarten in Goldfish Lane at the northern end of the city centre pedestrian area, when he was […]

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Deer Museum?

I’ve mentioned before Liuzhou’s mad drive to have more museums than any other city. See here. But this has truly baffled me. Apologies for the picture quality, but the poster was behind glass and there was strong sunlight. And I didn’t have the right filter with me. Ill try to replace later. It’s in the […]

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Liao’s Liuzhou Loans

A storm has been building up over the last few weeks concerning a Liuzhou company. Liuzhou Zhengling Group Company Ltd (柳州正菱集团有限公司), head-quartered in (柳邕路) Liuyong Road, is part of Liuzhou’s automotive industry and manufactures heavy vehicles, concrete mixer trucks, automobile parts machine tools etc. Like many of these large companies, they have also speculated and […]

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Friday Food 127 – Dried Egg

Friday Food is an occasional article about one of the more unusual food items to be found in Liuzhou that week. This time we are getting eggy. The very mention of ‘dried egg’ would send my mother into deep depression. She was of that generation who lived through World War 2 rationing in the UK, […]

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Just a scratch?

I’ve been predicting this for a very long time. Yesterday evening there was a minor accident in Liuzhou, involving an e-bike which “scratched” a car. The bike rider and the car driver got into a heated verbal disagreement about whose fault it was. After about ten minutes the car driver, a Mr Liu, drove off, only […]

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Dragon News

Actually, there are no Dragon boats here, at all. But there is a boat. But it is the Dragon Boat Festival. It was also the dreaded Children’s Day on Sunday. Usually in these holidays, local news reporting just gives up and goes home for the duration, but this time there have been a couple of […]

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Kong Oh!

For reasons which no doubt made sense to someone before the hangover set in, the Cousin chain of restaurants has changed its name to Kong Oh or 港傲!. The first character is an abbreviation of the Chinese for Hong Kong, giving us the ‘Kong’ part of the new name. The second means ‘proud’, but is […]

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