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Bin Bombs

Over the last few days there has been a series of incidents in which explosive devices have been placed in Liuzhou street trash cans and detonated. The latest was around 5 pm last night (29th June)  when a trash can exploded at the foot of the escalator just outside the Pizza Hut branch in the Bubugao shopping mall, injuring a young girl.

Police examine bomb scene - 29th June 2014

Police examine bomb scene – 29th June 2014

Other trash cans have exploded – on Thursday evening by a public toilet at the entrance to Yufeng Park and  on Friday morning on Wuyi Road beside the People’s Square. No one was injured in these two incidents.

Reports have suggested that two people have been arrested and have confessed – a 38 year-old man and his 15 year-old son.


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3 Responses to “Bin Bombs”

  1. Tony Masiello Says:

    This is terrifying to see. Unfortunately, this is the reality we all live with. Stay safe!

  2. Carl Johnson Says:

    Has this been linked to terrorist? Scary! But I still feel safer there than in most US cities

  3. Liuzhou Laowai Says:

    No. It hasn’t in the way I suspect you mean.

    But I bet the poor girl who was injured thought so for at least a second. I am sure it was terrifying for her.

    My point was that, in a climate of terrorism, idiotic pranks aren’t funny.

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