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Counting Bricks

Liuzhou’s old East Gate (东门) is undergoing one of its periodic ‘refurbishments’. Supposedly from the Ming Dynasty ((1368–1644), in fact, much of it isn’t that ancient, at all. Like so many of China’s cultural icons, including the parts of the Great Wall most people see, it was largely rebuilt in the 1980s. That’s what happens when they go trashing their history as they did in the Cultural Revolution – they have to rebuild it.

Anyway, in order to preserve its precise configuration after preservation work, each of the just under 80,000 bricks is being individually numbered by a specialist brick-numberer.

Brick Numberer in Action

Brick Numberer Action

The work (numbering and restoring) is expected to last three months.

Liuzhou’s other gates do still exist. The North Gate is buried under BuBu Gao and the west gate buried under something in the west. I forget. Large parts of the old city walls are buried under Liuzhou People’s Square. There is a model of the old walled city in the room at the top of Dong Men, but I guess it’s closed for now.

They should perhaps move the model to the city museum.

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