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Poisoning Vietnam

I’m not sure how much of this is true and how much is just silly propaganda, but it is being reported in the Vietnamese press (and certainly not being reported in the Chinese media). The two countries have recently been arguing about sovereignty of two tiny uninhabited rocks in the middle of nowhere which may or not be on top of oil deposits. This argument has lead to some rather ugly scenes in parts of Vietnam with anti-Chinese demonstrations turning into riots and violence against Chinese businesses in Vietnam. And the usual childish responses from China.

Whatever, it has put me off my bananas.

According to the Vietnamese media, the country’s National Agriculture, Forestry, Fisheries Quality Assurance Department have rejected nearly 500 tons of fruit and vegetables imported from China, as they were found to contain dangerously high levels of pesticides and preservatives.

Limes, grapes, peaches, apples, white radishes, tangerines, carrots and oranges, were all turned away by the authorities and at least 17 shipments (485 tons) contained contaminated produce. The fruit and vegetables were from Yunnan, Shanghai and, in particular, Guangxi.

Sour grapes?

Sour grapes?

According to the reports:

Tangerines from Guangxi were found to contain 27.73 milligram of propargite (a mite-killer) per kilogram, or nine times the Vietnamese limit.

The fungicide carbendazim was found to be 15 times the permitted rate of 0.2 milligram per kilo on a shipment of Guangxi carrots.

Vietnam Customs said the country imported nearly US$30 million worth of fruits and vegetables from China during the first quarter this year…”

One tiny detail makes a little suspicious of the whole report. Limes? The only limes I’ve ever found in Guangxi (or China for that matter) were imported from Vietnam and not the reverse. Taobao, the major on-line shopping portal only has Vietnamese limes for sale.

Still, I might give the local tangerines a rest. Oh. I have to. They aren’t in season.

Tangerines in Time

Tangerines in Time


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    Thanks for putting these words for China:)

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