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Friday Food 124 – Abalone

Friday food is an occasional article about one of the more unusual food items to be found in Liuzhou that week. This time we are looking at Abalone.

Abalone are sea snails, a type of mollusc found worldwide, but particularly prized in China, especially in Cantonese and Hong Kong cuisine. In Chinese, they are 鲍鱼.

Freshly shucked abalone

Freshly shucked abalone

The muscle has to be removed from the shell and cleaned before use. Instructions here. Fresh abalone is very tough and has to be sliced then pounded with a meat hammer or similar heavy object to tenderise it. They should then be cooked for mere seconds, if frying. Twenty seconds per side is recommended. Alternatively, they can be slow braised for three hours.

Abalone come fresh, frozen, dried and canned.

Bubugao Hypermarket (步步高) is currently stocking fresh abalone at  ¥4.80 each. These things don’t come cheap, but nearby Guangya market (广雅综合市场) has them a bit cheaper.

One common commercial  use of abalone is in the preparation of abalone sauce (鲍鱼汁), which is used in the same way as oyster sauce but is richer in taste. It is widely available. Around ¥10 a bottle.

Abalone Sauce

Abalone Sauce

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