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Crouching Mothers, Flying Rats

I’ve been thinking about this for a while, and yesterday I passed by again.

Some time back, Liuzhou introduced a flock of semi-domesticated pigeons to Liuzhou People’s Square. The majority are dove white.

flying rats

Every day, you can see a bunch of mothers and grandmothers entertaining their children by having their brats simultaneously feed and harass the birds. It always horrifies me. Here we are in a country which is well aware of the risks from the various strains of “bird flu” (which we have had in Liuzhou) and the parents are taking their children out to play in pigeon shit?

Pigeons are filthy, disgusting animals which spread disease, destroy buildings and breed like crazy. Their droppings are acidic and eat into stone. The birds can also carry pathogenic organisms and infectious diseases including  salmonella, tuberculosis, histoplasmosis, encephalitis, E-coli and psittacosis.  These are all potentially fatal.

Well done mothers.

It is, of course, completely in character for Liuzhou to introduce these flying rats when every other city in the world is trying to get rid of them. Idiots.

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One Response to “Crouching Mothers, Flying Rats”

  1. David Says:

    Absolutely with you on this one . Where I live here in the UK we are infested with their marine cousins , Gulls of various types who are equally verminous . Lots of enjoyable controversy as to whether to feed or cull them . Personally , I enjoy trying to kick their arse out of the way whilst the mums and brats are feeding them . At least pigeons don’t rip open trash bags and spread the stuff around in the search for food .

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