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Mayday! Thieving Bakers!

This is my 15th May Day spent in Liuzhou. I don’t know how they arrange it but every one has been warm and sunny – as is today. It can be freezing the day before and the day after, but May Day itself is always nice.

I decided to break with tradition and check out the city centre this morning, just before noon. It was busy, but probably not as busy as this afternoon.

I have no idea what time they finished work on the makeover yesterday (late, I guess) but the job was completed and McDonald’s was open.

McDonalds May 1st 2014 1

The small McD’s ice cream kiosk further up the pedestrian street was also refurbished and open (although I can’t see what’s different from before).

McDonalds May 1st 2014 3

To my amazement, Starbucks had pulled off the apparently impossible and also opened on time.  However, it seemed to be the only food or drink outlet in town that wasn’t busy. There was only this chap sitting outside and two people sitting inside. Location. Location. Location. I’ve lost count of the number of business which have opened and swiftly closed in that section of the pedestrian area. It just doesn’t get that much traffic.

starbucks2 May 1st

The highlight of the day for most people, judging by the crowd watching, was this young lady who had stripped to her bra and shorts, and was having flowers painted onto her body (and bra) by her colleague. She looked as if she was really enjoying the process. This was to drum up business for a jewellery shop. (No, I don’t see the connection, either.)


One sour note intruded on my morning. I popped into this bakery at the northern end of the street, near the bus terminus.

cake thieves 2

Despite their sign, they certainly don’t sell anything I would call bread and most of their cakes are pretty disgusting looking, but they do occasionally have muffin type cakes which aren’t too bad. The signs on the shelf beside the cakes indicated that they were ¥6.40 each, reduced from ¥8.  I selected two and went to the till to pay. The girl there charged me the full eight. I remonstrated and pointed out the signs. Well I tried to.  In the 30 seconds between me selecting the cakes and paying, someone had rushed over and removed the signs.

I demanded my money back and left. It’s not that I can’t afford the ¥8 per cake or that it isn’t a fairish price. It was the total dishonesty which pissed me off big time.

On my way home, I passed the shop again. Yes. After I left, they had put the signs back. I won’t be back. Thieves.

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3 Responses to “Mayday! Thieving Bakers!”

  1. Michael Says:

    Starbucks was full later that afternoon… but today there were plenty of seats again.

    This one surprised me because honestly I was in front of that place a week ago and nothing was inside yet… nothing. So number two is up and operating and two more that I know of still to come… progress?

    Congratulations on May Day 15 Ken.

  2. David Says:

    Second that congratulations Ken . Stoicism , inertia or love ?
    Can’t imagine Starbucks , however you spell it , as any kind of progress but the wifi is usually good .

  3. David Says:

    moreover , that girl seriously needs a correctly fitted bra , and I know just the guy with a tape …..the mantra is , supported not imprisoned !

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