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Piss Off

Dear Mr Bu, Mr Bu and Mr Gao,  May I suggest you take your rancid shithole of a supermarket and piss off back to Hunan. Today at noon, you managed to lock everyone into your over-priced emporium for no apparent reason. If there had been a fire or any other emergency, hundreds would have died. […]

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Poisoning Vietnam

I’m not sure how much of this is true and how much is just silly propaganda, but it is being reported in the Vietnamese press (and certainly not being reported in the Chinese media). The two countries have recently been arguing about sovereignty of two tiny uninhabited rocks in the middle of nowhere which may […]

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Friday Food 126 – Wu Dalang Pancakes

Friday Food is an occasional article about one of the more unusual food items to be found in Liuzhou that week. This time we are hitting the streets. I’ve mostly avoided street food in this series. I avoid street food. In Liuzhou, that is. It just isn’t very good. Back in 2003, the then mayor, […]

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Blue Notes and Blue Shoes Hit Liuzhou

I am informed that American jazz singer Deborah J Carter and her trio will play in Liuzhou as part of a two week tour of China (or ‘Chines’ as her website has it). The date of the Liuzhou concert is June 15th and the venue is listed as Liuzhou Culture Centre.  I have no idea […]

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8 Australian Babies Held in Liuzhou

I have learned that eight Australians, five females and three males just over one year old, have been forcefully extradited to Liuzhou and are being held in disgusting conditions in the filthiest shithole the city has to offer. Liuzhou Zoo has acquired eight young kangaroos. They are currently being kept away from the public while […]

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This morning I bought a rabbit. A dead one. They do sometimes sell live baby rabbits on the Liuzhou streets as pets, but this was no baby and cute didn’t enter the equation. I’m partial to a bit of rabbit meat (兔肉) from time to time, but it also reminded me of an article I […]

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Friday Food 125 – Tofu 1

Friday food is an occasional article about one of the more unusual food items to be found in Liuzhou that week. This time we are looking at tofu. Until I came to China and visited a market, I was convinced that tofu (or beancurd, if you prefer) was tasteless, pointless, white wobbly stuff – an […]

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China doesn’t do carbonated or naturally sparkling water, that I know of. In fact, few of my Chinese acquaintances are willing to accept that such a thing exists, although sparkling imported Evian, Perrier and San Pellengrino waters are available (at up to 20 times the price of local waters.). But, China has the world’s biggest […]

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Easy Rider

Let me introduce Wei Guirong, 66 from Liuzhou. As part of his familial duties he is required to deliver his two grandchildren to kindergarten and return them home in the evening. In order to make this task easier he has acquired a motor vehicle. However, instead of joining the millions of other citizens intent on […]

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A Bite of China Cookbooks

I recently picked up two books of recipes from the Bite of China television series. The first  was published in August 2013 and is by Chen Zhitian (陈志田). It is only available in Chinese (so far). There are a number of books related to the television series but this is the only one which seems to be […]

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