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Dinner is Served – Bite of China 2

I announced way back in December that the second series of the stunning ‘A Bite of China’ would be broadcast by CCTV over the Spring Festival. That is what they said. It didn’t happen. I don’t know why.

However, the first episode, ‘Steps’ was finally broadcast on Friday night (18th April) and it was as good as anything from series one. The next six episodes will be shown over the next six Fridays.

Eventually these will be available online*.  And probably with English narration in about two years time!

Series 1 is available here.

*Episode 1 already is. I have it safely tucked away on my PC.  It is in a weird Chinese video format though. I’ll wait for something more sensible.

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One Response to “Dinner is Served – Bite of China 2”

  1. Carl Johnson Says:

    Thanks! I wondered what happened?
    I thoroughly enjoyed the first part, and would never have heard of it without your blog!

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