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Getting Ready

I had a bit of an amusing morning. But then I’m easily amused. I dropped into Liuzhou Museum and took a look at the Nuo Opera Mask exhibition, which I thoroughly enjoyed. Fortunately, there was no opera being played. Then I wandered down the pedestrian street (解放南路) for a while. Tomorrow is May 1st and […]

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Cartoon Liuzhou

I bought this a couple of days ago and forgot about it. Found it in my camera bag this morning when looking for something else. It is a book called 漫画柳州 (which means ‘Cartoon Liuzhou’) by 曾广健. And it’s what it says on the cover. Liuzhou in cartoons. It ranges through Liuzhou life and culture – […]

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Nuo Opera

I wish to state for the record that I can’t stand Chinese opera of any description – Beijing, Shanghai, Cantonese etc – they all sound horrific to me. It isn’t that I dislike atonal singing or playing. I happily listen to all sorts of music which makes my friends’ ears bleed and has them screaming […]

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Local media are reporting that a passenger (probably fictitious) on Liuzhou’s much derided BRT or so-called ‘rapid’ bus system was surprised to find the bus providing free wireless high speed internet access via China Mobile 4G. It is said that the system was being tested on one bus before being rolled out to the entire […]

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Liuzhou Leprosy

Leprosy still carries with it the horror stories we were told as children. A strange, disfiguring disease found in far away places; bits of your body falling off; and finally an agonising death. There was an element of racism involved; it only affected foreigners. Or, very occasionally it would be passed by unscrupulous foreign victims […]

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Friday Food 121 – Dried Watercress

Friday food is an occasional article about one of the more unusual food items to be found in Liuzhou that week. This time we are looking at what looks like a cow pat. A couple of weeks back, I came across a bag containing what appeared to be something a cow might have deposited on […]

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E-Donkey Insurance

According to Liuzhou’s traffic police vehicle administration department, as of April 16th, there were 574,431 e-bikes registered in the city. There are also a load of unregistered bikes. They also claim that e-bikes or ‘e-donkeys’ (电驴) as the local dialect renders them (actually it is the bike riders who tend to be donkeys) are responsible for a […]

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I must have walked past it a million times, but it never really registered before. This sign hangs on the wall of a Bank of Communications ATM hall at the northern end of the main city centre pedestrian street. As you can see it offers ‘barrier-free’ access to its cash dispensers. Sadly, to even get […]

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Dinner is Served – Bite of China 2

I announced way back in December that the second series of the stunning ‘A Bite of China’ would be broadcast by CCTV over the Spring Festival. That is what they said. It didn’t happen. I don’t know why. However, the first episode, ‘Steps’ was finally broadcast on Friday night (18th April) and it was as good […]

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Friday Food 120 – Fox Nuts

Friday food is an occasional article about one of the more unusual food items to be found in Liuzhou that week. This time we are looking getting foxy with nuts (or perhaps not). Fox nuts (Euryale ferox) are the seeds of a type of water lily native to east Asia. Known as 茨实 or 芡实 […]

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