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Sidewalk Collapse

Yesterday morning, an approximately 6 square metre section of sidewalk collapsed leaving a 20 cm deep pit. No one was injured in the incident, which took place on 解放北路 outside Lianhua Century Mart near the Liuzhou City Chinese Traditional Medicine hospital.


Local authorities have been quoted as blaming the recent rains as the cause of the collapse. Bull. This section of sidewalk has had more makeovers than a whole series of makeover shows. I’ve seen them dig it up and re-lay it many times over the years. Sometimes within a month or two of the last re-lay.

This is probably the most crowded section of sidewalk anywhere in Liuzhou. At times, it is almost impossible to move. E-bikes and illegal food vendors with their greasy pedal carts are simultaneously attempting to occupy the same time-space continuum. There are a dozen people handing out leaflets offering patent medicines and quack cures. Beggars, buskers and the bonkers. The ground is covered in cloths sporting all kinds of crap from ‘genuine’ plastic combs to incense burners. There are people selling stockings, catapults and white mice. At times we get baby ducks.

But what is screwing up the sidewalks is the weight of cars driving on the sidewalk which was never designed to take that payload. The whole area is just one big car park.

If they are going to let cars drive on the sidewalks then they have to build them properly.An even better idea would be to give us back streets I used to love walking.

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One Response to “Sidewalk Collapse”

  1. Carl Johnson Says:

    What? No one has fallen into this hole? Or at least tripped over it! Perhaps they are waiting for a Chevy Spark to fall in!

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