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No 3 Drunks

Today, I’m at home. Working at home, trying to deal with some theological and vinicultural issues. Someone has to do it.

But I’m only trying, because I largely gave up. I can’t concentrate. There comes a time when battling against the odds just doesn’t add up.

As I’ve mentioned before, I have the miserable misfortune to live next door to Liuzhou’s No 3 Middle School. Today, for some reason they started blaring out their PA messages at around 6 am and  kept them up until around 12 noon. I’d tell you what they were about, but their PA system is so distorted; no one has any idea. But it’s loud. It resonates in all its distortion all over a fair lump of the city.

By noon, they had run out of garbage propaganda to propagate, so they went to get drunk. This they managed pretty quickly. I guess they may have started earlier. Like 6 am. So they yelled and caterwauled all through the sacred afternoon nap time.  The height of bad manners.

All afternoon they have been using their PA system as a giant karaoke machine, blaring sonic pollution over the extensive neighbourhood. I’m surprised you can’t hear it.

Supposedly one of the better middle schools in Liuzhou.

It’s now just after 4 pm and they are still at it. Tortured, out of tune, drunken singing at top volume. The crazy thing is that school is still in. Students are supposedly still learning through this cacophony.

Hope they are impressed by their teachers. And I hope the teachers are proud to demonstrate to their students how to be idiotic, selfish, drunken assholes. Well done.

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2 Responses to “No 3 Drunks”

  1. David Says:

    Sounds appalling and surely qualifies for a well earned Glasgow Kiss . Did you find what it was all about ?

  2. Carl Johnson Says:

    I really don’t see how that could be more distracting than the constant hammering of your neighbors on the walls of the apartment- upstairs, next door, or downstairs! 12,000 miles away and I still hear it every time I Skype with Tan Feng lian!!

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