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Liuzhou Airport Re-opens

Liuzhou’s Bailian Airport re-opened yesterday (March 30th, 2014) after a five month closure to rebuild and upgrade the runway. Flights have resumed to Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou as well as 13 other Chinese cities.

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Navigational Knobs – A River Bus Sequel

This morning, I took a stroll down to the riverside to examine these rumoured bus boats for myself. At 东门 (East Gate), under the shadow of Wenhui Bridge (the red one), I found this river bus stop. As you can see, it was teeming with people anxious to hand over their three pictures of […]

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River Boat Fare Shock

Just yesterday, I mentioned that the river bus company had not announced the fares for their new service which started this morning in pouring rain. Now I know why. After confidently predicting for weeks that the fare would be between 1元 and 2元, the cowards waited until the last minute to announce that the fare […]

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Random Picture No 73 – Tall Tales

Random Picture No. 73 is one in a series of pictures, taken in Liuzhou, which amuse, baffle or otherwise interest me. The white building in the foreground is Liuzhou Fire Department’s HQ and fire station. It was built in the 1960s and was, at the time, by far the tallest building in the city. Designed […]

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River Bus Tests Map

Liuzhou’s new river bus service is due to open tomorrow morning at 7 am.  All week they have been testing the buses (and presumably testing that the drivers know where they are going, etc.) At the same time, they have released a map showing the nine* ‘bus stops’ involved. *No, I can’t make them add up to […]

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Friday Food 117 – Saintly Women Fruit

Friday food is an occasional article about one of the more unusual food items to be found in Liuzhou that week. This time we are looking at saintly women. Most of the trouble in my sad life has been caused by my addiction to not-so-saintly women and my attempts to convince the truly saintly women […]

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Weeping for Willows

The first Chinese character in Liuzhou’s name (柳州) has the literal meaning “willow”. You can see the tree radical (木) on the left of the character. This appears in many tree names. The second character (州) refers to an ancient administrative division, similar to the modern ‘prefecture’. So you could roughly translate Liuzhou as “Willow […]

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Two-Child Policy

Liuzhou has started issuing “two children” permits to qualified couples. 134 such permits have been issued so far. This is part of a general loosening up of the so-called ‘one child policy’, which is taking place across China. In fact, the policy always had several loopholes and exceptions and was only supposed to apply to […]

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No 3 Drunks

Today, I’m at home. Working at home, trying to deal with some theological and vinicultural issues. Someone has to do it. But I’m only trying, because I largely gave up. I can’t concentrate. There comes a time when battling against the odds just doesn’t add up. As I’ve mentioned before, I have the miserable misfortune […]

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Sidewalk Collapse

Yesterday morning, an approximately 6 square metre section of sidewalk collapsed leaving a 20 cm deep pit. No one was injured in the incident, which took place on 解放北路 outside Lianhua Century Mart near the Liuzhou City Chinese Traditional Medicine hospital. Local authorities have been quoted as blaming the recent rains as the cause of […]

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