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Friday Food 114 – Salted Broad Beans

Friday food is an occasional article about one of the more unusual food items to be found in Liuzhou that week. This time we are going to meet a broad (bean).

A man needs a beer food. Something to munch on while necking a few. One of my favourite candidates for the job are roasted and salted broad beans, also known as fava beans. In Chinese they are 蚕豆 or sometimes 兰花豆.

Steamed Broad Beans

Steamed Broad Beans

I first ate these in the wilds of Hunan. A friend made them herself. She took the raw beans and stir fried them until the skins split, then she added what looked like far too much salt, some chilli powder and a little ground Sichuan peppercorn and continued to fry for a minute or two more.

I quickly became addicted. I could spend hours picking the beans from their papery skins and biting into their spicy, salty  crunchiness.

Fortunately, these is no need to do this yourself. the salted beans are available in some supermarkets. When prepared in this way they are labelled 炒蚕豆 (‘fried broad beans’) or 手炒蚕豆 (‘hand fried broad beans’).

Salted, roasted broad beans

Salted, roasted broad beans

Those pictured above were from Bubugao Hyper-Market and cost 23.60元/kilo, enough to get you through a couple of gallons of Liquan Beer (漓泉啤酒), the local brew.

Liquan Beer (漓泉啤酒) with Fried Broad Beans

Liquan Beer (漓泉啤酒) with Fried Broad Beans

Be careful! some places sell the same beans roasted then sweetened. They are horrible!

Incidentally, cooked canned broad beans are available from here. They are as used along with olive oil, lemon juice, and garlic, in the Egyptian staple foul medames or ful medames, so the beans are labelled as such. ¥6.50 a can.

ful medames

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