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Liuzhou Corruption Scandal

Liang Jingli (梁景理)

Liang Jingli (梁景理)

It has been announced that Liang Jingli (梁景理), 59-year-old Chairman and Party Secretary of Guangxi Liuzhou Iron & Steel (Group) Co. (广西柳州钢铁 (集团) 公司) is under investigation by Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region’s Department of Discipline Inspection and Supervision, the Communist Party’s internal discipline body, for what has been described as a “grave discipline violation”, usually a euphemism for ‘corruption’.

All mention and photographs of Liang have been removed from the company’s website. In addition to his company duties, Liang also sat on various Guangxi Party committees.

Popularly known as Liugang (柳钢), the state-owned steel works were founded in 1958 and, as well as being one China’s largest such facilities, is a major employer in Liuzhou. Their huge factory on the northern edge of the city has an annual output capacity of 10 million tons of steel and a turnover of 50 billion yuan. The factory is also responsible for much of the pollution in Liuzhou.

The inner workings of the Discipline department are somewhat mysterious, but very few who are ‘investigated’ are ever cleared, instead usually being handed on for prosecution.

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