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BRT Opening Ceremony

Today I did something downright weird. The first phase of Liuzhou’s new BRT (Bus Rapid Transport) system opened for business this morning. And, of course, it being China, an opening ceremony was required. I disguised myself as the sort of person who uses public transport and joined in. For random reasons, this ceremony took place […]

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Not Liuzhou Bomb

Here’s a strange thing. See update below. This morning, the website of The Voice of Russia radio station is carrying a story entitled “Powerful blast rocks shopping center in Chinese city of Liuzhou.” According to the story, the explosion occurred late yesterday evening and “fire and ambulance carriages are arriving to the scene. In pictures […]

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Friday Food 105 – Bladder Moon Snails

Friday food is an occasional article about one of the more unusual food items to be found in Liuzhou that week. This week, we are getting somewhat odd with Bladder Moon Snails Who could resist these? Incorrectly labelled in English as “Spicy Hepatic Moon Shell”, they are Glossaulax didyma, a variety of carnivorous sea snail. The […]

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Delusional Buses

Liuzhou’s Hengda bus company are continuing to release self-delusional press releases which the local media are blithely reprinting. This evening’s Christmas cheer front page announces that the fares on the buses shall be 1元, something already announced a week ago and a repeat of the astonishing fact that that you can freely switch from one […]

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Sausage Thieves

One of the first signs of winter coming is when the good people of Liuzhou start making their home-made sausages. Every year, about one month before the Chinese New Year, they start chopping their pork and stuffing it into pig intestines. Then, on sunny days like today, hang them up to dry. But now comes […]

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“Well married a person has wings, poorly married shackles.” – Henry Ward Beecher Here’s a bit of cheer. A young, unidentified, Liuzhou couple were married yesterday. So, you ask, what’s special about that? Well, their wedding photos are certainly memorable. Their faces have been pixellated and the young man seems to be in shackles. Shotgun […]

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BRT Delayed

Liuzhou’s Bus Rapid Transport (BRT) system will not be launched on the 26th of December as scheduled, but is being delayed until Monday the 30th due to “information systems testing and other reasons , in order to ensure that the majority of passengers ride safe.“ The delay has, of course, nothing to do with the […]

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Blood Bus Back

It is lucky that, in March this year, when they built their Blood House in Liuzhou People’s Square, behind the museum, they kept their blood donation bus. It’s back in business. The house has been swept away* as part of the preparations for their Bus Rapid Transit scheme. Incidentally, yesterday’s newspapers declared majestically that the main […]

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More Trees

I have updated yesterday’s post on Christmas trees.

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Troubled Trees and Sax Santas

You know trees. Big plants. Usually green. Sometimes, yellow; sometimes, white. But never in my entire long and adventurous life have I seen trees the likes of those the locals are throwing up for Christmas. Come to that, it’s not only the colours which are wrong. It’s the whole lack of tree-ness about their “Christmas […]

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