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The Week So Far – October 31st

Here are a few highlights (or lows)  from the news from Liuzhou so far this week. Biggest story of the week is actually not much of a story – a couple got married – but the photographs are striking. Wedding photography in China is big business, with some couples spending thousands on horrible air-brushed and […]

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News in Brief – Oct 27, 2013

What has been occupying the minds of Liuzhou this week? We for a start they previewed garbage cans. The trial period of having different bins for different classes of garbage is about to start and they held the world première of the bins. There are four varieties of bin. Blue for waste paper, plastic and other recyclables, green […]

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In the nine years since I started this blog or the twelve since I started the website, out of the thousands of visitors, I’ve never had one really bad comment or message. Quite the reverse. I don’t mean that everyone has agreed with me. That doesn’t bother me. Everyone has stated their opinion and (perhaps) […]

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Weather Warning

Liuzhou meteorologists are warning that the current spell of hot weather (It’s 33ºC as I write this) is about to end. They predict that temperatures will drop dramatically tomorrow (Tuesday 15th) as the wind direction changes to northern winds and at the same time Typhoon Nari, is due to hit Vietnam and southern China. Typhoons never […]

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Power on Bikes or Powerbikes?

Contrary to my observation and reports that no one seems to be using the green rental bikes Liuzhou has provided, the streets yesterday were mobbed by people using the things. All was not, however, what it seemed. Some of those people look surprisingly familiar. The whole thing was a stunt to publicise the bikes. They had […]

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River River River

The internet throws up all sorts of absurdities. Today CRI (China Radio International) English website has announced that Liuzhou is to hold some sort of yacht race. According to the story, the race will take place on the “Liujianghe River”. “Liujianghe River” translates as ‘Liu River River River’. They also helpfully point out that the Liu […]

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Friday Food 100 – Jellyfish

Friday food is a weekly article about one of the more unusual food items to be found in Liuzhou that week. This week, the scourge of the swimming class, jellyfish. It takes a sound mind to find a creature known as 海蜇 (literally ‘sea sting’), and think to yourself “That sounds tasty!” but … 海蜇 is a […]

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Liuzhou Airport 5 Month Closure

Liuzhou’s tiny, but locally important, airport is set to close for at least five months from October 26th. This, they tell us,  is for runway maintenance and upgrades. Flights will be diverted to Guilin (mostly) and to Nanning.

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Burning Bikes

One down, 500,000 to go. Yesterday noon, an e-bike spontaneously combusted while being driven along 友谊路. The driver and passenger were unharmed. Fortunately, it was very near to Liuzhou Fire Department HQ on 北站路. One of my neighbours may be about to find his bike “spontaneously” exploding. This extended family moved in a few months […]

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Dong Farmer Art

Liuzhou Museum have been holding one of their occasional free exhibitions, which are in the exhibition hall on the first (ground) floor.  I have attended many a fine freeby there in my time, but also a lot which did nothing for me. Today I swung by and found there were hosting a display of Dong […]

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