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Luoziwei Luosifen

“Heaven! I’m in heaven!”

Well, reasonably satisfied. This afternoon, I discovered that the empty unit next to Mom’s Pizza, which is only the length of a noodle away from my home, is to open shortly as 螺滋味 螺蛳粉 – Luoziwei Luosifen. They were literally hanging up the sign as I walked past.


Although there are a few noodle places near me, some of which are very good – one in particular is excellent – until now there was nowhere doing Liuzhou’s signature dish of snail noodles in this corner of the city.

So now, I have a pizza place and and a luosifen location right next to each other, within yards. Or will have soon.

pizza and luosifen

P.S. I still haven’t investigated Mom’s Pizza, although I’ve heard a couple of good reports. Twice I have arranged to go with my new-restaurant-checking-out friend. First time I got sick and had to cancel. Second time she got sick. We plan to try again next week.

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