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Friday Food 91 – Amaranth

ChopsticksFriday food is a weekly article about one of the more unusual food items to be found in Liuzhou that week. This week, we are seeing red and looking at Amaranth.

Each summer this vegetable turns up in the markets and supermarkets. Quite distinctively red and green, this is amaranth, a plant which grows worldwide and which is usually regarded as a weed, but in China is a well-liked foodstuff. And why not?


In Mandarin it is 苋菜, but is known locally as 汉菜 or 蔊菜, which kind of means ‘Chinese vegetable’, these leaves leech red juices which colour everything they meet. For that reason it tends to be less frequently used in soups etc, but is simply stir fried. The taste is reminiscent of spinach. It is also packed with minerals and vitamins and general good things.

Price: Dirt cheap.

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