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I know next to nothing about football ( by which I mean the game played around the world by kicking a ball with the feet – hence FOOTball,  and not the American game known as ‘football’ which is largely played by carrying and throwing the ball with the HANDS. I believe some people refer to football as “soccer”, an idiotic term derived from “association” as in association FOOTBALL. Duh!)

Anyway, as I was saying, I know little about it and care even less. But I have come across a few articles in the news over the last few days lamenting the Chinese team’s dismal performance in a friendly game against the Thai national team a few days ago. China lost 1-5.  Fans rioted in protest.

Over 100 people were injured and many cars were destroyed in ensuing clashes with police, when angry fans surrounded the team’s coach

BBC News

china football team

Humiliated China team leave the pitch after 1-5 defeat to Thailand

Criticism has mainly been aimed at claims of poor coaching and lack of motivation among players. Given recent corruption scandals and the punishment of many players, referees and team bosses the lack of motivation is understandable. I’m less sure about ‘poor coaching’.

As far as I can see the main reason for China’s poor performance in football is that it just isn’t in the national psyche. I have never, ever, not even once, in nearly twenty years, seen a kid kicking a ball against a wall – as you do in every European, African and South American neighbourhood. Bouncing balls in basketball mode, yes. Everywhere. Kicking them. Never, ever.

That’s the problem. It just isn’t in the blood.

But you will be delighted to know that Liuzhou’s football team (yes they have one) beat nearby Yulin’s team by a cool 8-0 yesterday. These silly score differences are a sure sign of the general level of incompetence. It is what you would expect from primary school football teams in the UK, for example.

The match was one in the third Guangxi football Super League (Gui-League) and was held in in Liuzhou Sports Centre. Upcoming home fixtures include LZ v Guigang (Saturday June 29), LZ via Fangchenggang (Saturday July 13 ),  LZ v Nanning Military (Saturday August 3)  and LZ v Guilin (Saturday August 24). All matches kick off at 16:30 and are held in Liuzhou Sports Centre. Admission is free.

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4 Responses to “Kick”

  1. David Says:

    “Know nothing and care less” What ? Methinks you protest too much ! You even know its played with the feet rather than the hands , whatever next , an article explaining the finer points of the offside trap ? Closet Arsenal supporter I suspect ….

  2. Liuzhou Laowai Says:

    I can assure you, apart from it being played with the feet, I know little. And I have a particular loathing for Arsenal, having spent a very large part of my life living almost next door to their ground and having life made miserable every time they played – which was often.

  3. carl johnson Says:

    First of all…I am not a sports fan. I would guess we call it football because ‘hand ball ‘ was already taken. I tried watching a soccer match on TV once many years ago . Borrrriiing!! I am always amazed to read reports of riots and misc. mayhem following these games!…I mean, who could possibly give a damn?

  4. carl johnson Says:

    In my way of thinking, to pay grown men millions of dollars to play children’s games, while we pay school teachers a subsistence wage, is the the epitome of ignorance. Please forgive my little rant!! I’m a mite touchy on this subject! LOL

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