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Random thoughts on life in Liuzhou, Guangxi, China


The more attentive people in Liuzhou this week may have noticed a certain amount of precipitation. Of course. It’s a holiday. It has to rain!

I’ve been photographing and generally documenting Liuzhou’s floods for around 17 years. Some of that work can be seen here. I even got involved with a Guardian story on the floods in 2009, acting as a guide for the newspaper’s environment correspondent.

But this year I’m having a rest. To be honest it’s all just more of the same. Streets full of water. Shops full of water. Houses full of water. Anyway, there hasn’t been any serious flooding so far this year. This is mild stuff.

The locals shrug their shoulders and get on with dealing with it as best they can. It’s life and life only.

So this time, I’ve just nicked some pics from the local media.











Call me a gondola. (OK. You are a gondola!

Call me a gondola. (OK. You are a gondola!)”

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