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Those who know me well know that I am always up for a bit of classy literature and the occasional poem or two. And I am well able to discern ‘found poetry’ when I find it.

I was having a bit of a discussion with a dear and knowledgeable friend when I went off on a rant about the lamentable state of computer translation and my long held view that it will never be achieved. ( I worked in this field once. Not a real field. Do I look like a farmer?)

I set out to find an example of its utter uselessness and from the local rag found this gem. If this isn’t poetry I don’t know what is. Shakespeare? Milton? Keats? Yeats? Beats?

Like a pot of cold water, do not, to be exact is a pot of ice water frozen onto the head of Phil Mr.. After all, so many good things must not be placed in Hong Kong, a day without transported back to the mainland, there is a day of danger, temporarily or people the Englishman dominated by ah!

Ryuichi and Ryuji even step back, want out of the Quanshi of the entertainment city of Liuzhou BMW will. Gun Wong hammer out of control, like the Galaxy vent to endless, endless immortality oppression up, forcing the two continuously receding, so that it be naked. “Ha ha ha What do you say, if they are to co-operate with us, then what will happen?” 

Edward’s face gloomy: “You know what? You staring at me like I have just very rude … I’m Edward, Lord!” 

Miyamoto feel grabbed his Momen, suddenly a pinch, he could feel the other body burst cramp-like jitter, a good opportunity, he quickly beat the cut to the dumb brain immersed in the in Liuzhou BMW Club Casino the fantasy of the ancient battlefield, suddenly heard someone loudly exclaimed: “Oh, Ma surprise you!” Then I heard a burst of thunderous sound of the Pentium, looks like a black and robust BRONCO bear the brunt, followed by lead five six-horse toward Liuzhou BMW Club Casino and location of the station had Ruonan surges over! The three Executive lecture, messy footsteps sounded, a figure wind swept over the front of the three Executive gestures to foot, but I could not speak. 

Liuzhou BMW Club Casino smell the smell of his hand, rely on, a faint odor, very exciting Ma Xiaotian mouth of Liuzhou BMW will casino with quickly came over, wearing a miniskirt woman when he pulled her ass pinched . The women’s side to a big burly man saw before they ask the protest two, two Flying Tigers the brawny meal punch half to death, followed by a group of police monitoring site over, dragging the man threw it out. Whether the woman is scared atmosphere could not breathe.

Pure poetry and utter gibberish. Makes ‘Funnyguns Cake’ look like Jack and Jill.

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One Response to “Poetry”

  1. David Says:

    Intensely moving… emotional roller coaster

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