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Lost Liuzhou 3


Liuzhou 1944

In November 1944, the Japanese army, with air force backing, captured Guilin, then headed south towards Liuzhou. They captured Liuzhou on the 10th of November before continuing south to take Nanning two weeks later. Liuzhou was a prize catch for the Japanese as it was home to US 14th Air Force Base. The US troops retreated from the city, but blew up the airbase before leaving. Many citizens were evacuated before the Japanese arrived.

The Japanese  remained in occupation until June 30th 1945.

It is often said that the main reason there are few really old buildings in Liuzhou is because the city was destroyed by the Japanese at that time – either in taking the city in ’44 or by deliberately destroying it before giving it up in ’45. That was the official propaganda stance. However, more recently available evidence shows that although the city was all but destroyed, it was not so much by the Japanese. Most of the damage was caused by the combined forces of China and the United States who blanket bombed the place in 1945 while trying to regain the city from the occupying forces.

“Occasionally we visited the city of Liuchow, on the opposite side of a wide river from the base. Buildings were mainly heaps of bricks, ruined by repeated shellings or bombings. Even among the few buildings still standing, I saw none without at least one bullet hole.”

Here are some pictures of the aftermath.





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3 Responses to “Lost Liuzhou 3”

  1. Vera Says:

    “why has ken stayed in liuzhou for so long?” “probably, he is a foreign spy.”

  2. Liuzhou Laowai Says:

    of course!

  3. David Says:

    and so hard to spot in a crowd of Chinese persons….I think you’re on to something Vera

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