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Lost Liuzhou 2

Following on from recent changes in Liuzhou, here are some much older memories. In fact, they are so long ago that few people remember them. I certainly don’t remember most.

squareMost of these are scans from old newspapers so the size and quality are not what I would prefer, but it’s amazing we have these at all. Regrettably, most are undated.

First Liuzhou People’s Square. This huge archway  was the entrance to the square. The writing runs right to left in the old fashion and, of course, in traditional characters. It says 柳州市人民廣場 (L-R) or Liuzhou City Peoples’ Square.

The square was used during the cultural revolution to hold mass rallies. I have seen, but unfortunately don’t have, a picture of around 1,000,000 people in the square waving their little red books.

Next, something a bit more recognisable. East Gate (东门). The crowds of people in front of the gate are partaking of the very active market that used to be there before they swept it underground in the early 2000s. I remember the market well.


East Gate – 东门

In the same area, here is the view along Shuguang Lu from Dong Men towards the city centre. As you can see, the floods are nothing new.

Shuguang Lu 曙光

Shuguang Lu 曙光

This is Liujiang Bridge, the first road bridge across the river, opened in 1968. (The railway bridge is older. It dates from 1950). Prior to the Liujiang bridge opening, other than swimming, the only way across the river was by ferry. This ferry service continued for many years, finally ending in 2000. I used it once. There was also the famous boat bridge used to help evacuate the city 1944 when it was occupied by Japan.

liujiang bridge

Liujiang Bridge 柳江大桥


Among the more useful facilities on the river was this:


The riverside walk looks much the same, but the buildings lining the river are somewhat different!riverside

Back on dry land, these two pictures are from the area around the bookshop and Wuxing Department Store (Five star)



And this I’m told is where McDonalds is now.

mcds site

More later.

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3 Responses to “Lost Liuzhou 2”

  1. david Says:

    Really enjoy this series . Amazing how the city has changed .
    Have you got anything about that building once used by the Korean Government in exile , amongst other things ? Ive always felt it must have quite a history , which the displays dont show very well .

  2. Liuzhou Laowai Says:

    No pictures or anything, but the Korean Government-in-exile building was originally built by British missionaries as a hospital.

  3. David Says:

    Don’t recollect that being acknowledged by any of the displays ! Fascinating , thanks .

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