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City Planner Murder Trial Begins

The trial of Luo Haomin, accused of the murder of Liuzhou city planner He Bin, began yesterday in Liuzhou City Intermediate People’s Court. The 49-year-old Luo entered a plea of guilty to charges of robbery and homicide. Prosecutors have asked for the death penalty. It was reported that Luo broke down in tears several times during […]

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Friday Food 63 – Cherimoya

Friday food is a weekly article about one of the more unusual food items to be found in Liuzhou that week. This week we are celebrating the not-the-end-of-world and looking at something else the Aztecs gave us – cherimoya. Recently, most of the supermarkets have been stocking these weird looking fruits. Known in Chinese as 凤梨释迦 […]

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Grey, Ugly and Congested: Why are so many Chinese cities so horrible?

I don’t do this often but I strongly recommend a read of this article or, even better, the book it comes from. “The typical Chinese city is grey, ugly and congested. It has pointlessly wide roads and squares, and functional, boxy buildings clad in grimy concrete or dirty white tiles. The old parts of town […]

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Revolver 2

Any lingering doubts about the mental health of the city planners can now be put to rest. Plans for the huge revolving statue of Liu Zongyuan, which I mentioned but two days ago, have come to light – and they are insane. Not only is the thing huge, but it contains a viewing gallery in his […]

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History Harmed

Liuzhou is one of eight cities in China which have been singled out for criticism by The Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development and the State Administration of Culture Heritage for failing to preserve its cultural and historical heritage. While China does have a hopeless record when it comes to preserving its own heritage, I […]

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1,194 years after he died, reluctant Liuzhou resident Liu Zongyuan (柳宗元), would be spinning in his grave if the local government hadn’t dreamed up a different spin for him Mr Liu (773 – 819) was born in Shanxi province and moved to what is now Xi’an but was then the capital of China under the […]

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Friday Food 62 – Fish Head

Friday food is a weekly article about one of the more unusual food items to be found in Liuzhou that week. This Friday we are looking at fish head. You will probably see these on visits to markets across China. Or even in the local supermarkets. Severed heads of fish lined up pointing to the […]

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Zhuang Yawn

I’m sure that, being the good citizens you are, you have all been enthusiastically celebrating the 55th anniversary of the State Council’s publication of the “Zhaung Script System” as exhorted by the propaganda banner outside the Party HQ on San Zhong Road 三中路. The fact that I’ve never met a Zhuang speaker who can actually […]

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Liuzhou – Nanning High Speed Train

China’s fascination with high speed trains is extending to Guangxi. According to reports, a high speed connection between Liuzhou and Nanning will open in the second half of this year. Trains will travel at up to 250km/hour reducing the current travel time of about three hours to a mere one hour. No fare has yet […]

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BRT Begins

It is nearly a year since I first posted about the Bus Rapid Transport (BRT) system proposed for Liuzhou. I was beginning to think they had forgotten all about it, but I now read that work has begun on constructing the special rapid lanes to carry the bendy buses. Work began yesterday morning on the west […]

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