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Holidays 2013

We’ve used up all our allocation of China style holiday time for this year, so it’s time to look ahead to 2013. Presuming the Mayans got it wrong we have this official chaos to look forward to. As announced by the State Department for Utter Madness today. New Year This is a one day holiday […]

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Gas Deaths

I seem to post variants on this story every year. On Thursday, three people, including a mother and her two year old daughter, were found dead in Liuzhou due to gas poisoning. At the same time Liuzhou emergency services were reporting that 242 people have suffered from gas poisoning this year, 13 of whom died. […]

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Friday Food 56 – Belt Fish

Friday food is a weekly article about one of the more unusual food items to be found in Liuzhou that week. This Friday we are going fishing for belt fish. Belt fish (Trichiurus lepturus), also known as hair tail is a long thin silver fish and is known in Chinese as 带鱼, which, unsurprisingly, literally translates […]

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Liuzhou Style

I guess people may be a bit overloaded by what is now officially the most watched video ever on YouTube (which means the most watched video anywhere. 882,241,729 views a few minutes ago) I refer of course to Korean sensation, Psy’s “Gangnam Style“, known in Chinese as “江南 style” I thought it was funny the […]

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Jiaozi Crash

Yesterday (Saturday) a certain Ms. Chen Xing (陈姓) managed to reverse her car into one of my favourite restaurants. How she managed this is a total mystery. It would be very difficult to get a car into this part of the street in question, never mind reverse it through a shop front. The Harbin Jiaozi […]

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I Ought to Have Bought a Yacht

  There is nothing wrong with a fantasy or two – I’ve had a few in my time. And wishful thinking is certainly better than pessimism. However, there is a danger that imagination can tip over into delusion. Which seems to be what is happening here. Someone has opened a website extolling the wonders of […]

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