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Ijsselstein, Utrecht resident searches for prostitute in Liuzhou, China

Once again this lovely family blog is being hit by numerous searches for “Liuzhou Prostitutes” and the like. These include someone in Ijsselstein, Utrecht, Netherlands using ISP on an internet service supplied by Caiw Internet. He is using a rather old computer set to 1024 x 768 pixels and uses Chrome 23.0 on Win XP. […]

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Meet the Neighbours

Sometimes I hate my neighbours. They are noisy, selfish and dirty. They run down the stairs at 6 am singing at the top of their voices, dropping their cigarettes or orange peel right outside my door. We have a very efficient waste disposal system including two huge wheelie bins at the foot of the stairs, […]

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Definitely Robbery

Liuzhou police have held a press conference to state that the murder of planning bureau chief He Bin was carried out in what was “definitely robbery.” They are trying to convince those who feel there must be more to it than that. “Do housebreakers and thieves usually carry home made bombs?” is the question being asked […]

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KFC Screwed (Failure)

A man who demanded compensation after claiming to have damaged his dentures while chomping down on some chicken supplied by Kentucky’s finest and finding a screw buried in the meat has admitted to attempted fraud. The idiot was caught when it transpired that was the second time he had claimed to have experienced being screwed […]

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10 Years Photography

Liuzhou museum will have one of their occasional free exhibitions, this time featuring 10 years of photographs from Liuzhou’s most popular newspaper, 南国今报 which translates roughly as Southern China Modern News. They have held similar exhibitions in the past and I have always found them worth visiting. The standard of photography is very high and […]

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Meet the new boss / Same as the old boss.

Seems we are getting a new boss. Peng Qinghua (彭清华), currently Director of the Central Government’s Liaison office in Hong Kong has been appointed Communist Party Secretary for Guangxi. Despite being Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, there is no real autonomy. The only guarantee is that the Guangxi Governor must be of the Zhuang ethnicity. But […]

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Friday Food 57 – Peanuts

Friday food is a weekly article about one of the more unusual food items to be found in Liuzhou that week. Once again you are going to say what is so unusual about… … peanuts? And once again, I’m going to say, there is nothing straightforward here in China. Not even in peanut terms. Whatever […]

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Liuzhou City Planner Murder – Updated

Let me state for the record that I am deeply unconvinced by many of the planning decisions made by Liuzhou government over the last 10 years. However, I don’ t let myself get too upset. There is nothing I can do about it. However, it seems someone may have had a different idea. He Bin, […]

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Belated Innovation

Almost every day, China Daily comes up with some story about Liuzhou – usually well out of date or totally inaccurate or both. They tend to appear automatically somewhere on the right of this page. But I’m kind of stumped by this one. Clearly they were up all night perfecting its narrative strength “When the […]

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Cadmium Poisoning – 7 Prosecuted

Almost a year since the Lijiang, the river flowing through the heart of Liuzhou, was polluted with the carcinogenic heavy metal cadmium, seven people have been charged with criminal offences in connection with the incident. At the end of January 2012, during the Spring Festival tons of the toxic waste were tipped into the Longjiang […]

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