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RT Mart South

RT Mart South

RT Mart South

Taiwan company 大润发 which operates Liuzhou’s best supermarket (RT Mart in English) has opened a second branch. Once again, they are avoiding the city centre. This time they have gone south of the river, opening the new branch on Pingshan Avenue (屏山大道) just east of the junction with Rongjun Road (荣军路).

rt mart map

Unlike RT Mart North which forces you up to the second floor then back to the first, RT Mart South (as I am officially dubbing them) is on one level and in the basement of the building. There is also a sub-basement car park. My first impression was that South is a lot less spacious than North. Not only is it physically smaller, but it feels all crammed together. Or maybe, I just thought that because it was very busy when I visited.

The product carried is, of course, the same. There is the beautiful fish display, the sushi section, the excellent vegetables etc. I probably won’t use the southern store much. North is more convenient for me (or more accurately, less inconvenient).


rt mart entrance

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One Response to “RT Mart South”

  1. Ray Ducray Says:

    Excited about visiting RT when I return on the 16th January ! Black lentils are packed and ready for “distribution” when I return !!!

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